Second Nandos In Plymouth

Hurrah. We initially had one of these super-offal “restaurants” appear in the JCU a couple of years ago. With the demise of that travel agent and Whittards Tea shop on Old Town Street, we now have a second branch of this D grade poultry chain and this time it’s nearly in the city centre. One cheer for Nandos.

Old Town Street is rapidly becoming a mecca for mid range cafes and sandwich bars (by “mid-range” I mean they don’t sell greasy tea or “all-you-can-eat-fry-ups”) – but with competition like Costa Coffee and Subway it shouldn’t be too difficult to lead the pack. Sadly the council have allowed this culinary atrocity to invade a large space in an area that should be thriving with independents like the excellent Bagatelle perched in the middle of this sea of magnolia bilge.

I am reminded of that old adage: “You can’t polish a turd. But you can roll it in glitter”.

Nandos is that steaming turd and the glitter is the authentic reproduction Portuguese/South American wood veneer that makes a Janner feel all proper posh and that.

Please remember that when you “dine” out at Nandos you aren’t that far up the tree from a KFC and a Bargain Bucket. Just add smiling waiting staff, some hot sauce and double the price.

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