Janner Rally

There’s a car rally that happens every year in a small northern Austrian town called Freistadt. It’s called the Janner Rally. “Janner Rally” in German translates as January Rally.

Janner Rally

If you watch really closely and squint a bit it’s almost like an evening on West Hoe. Apart from the lack of badly modified Citroen Saxos and Henri Lloyd polo shirts.

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Tommy From Whitleigh

Watch and marvel as Tommy from Whitleigh fills his bucket with Favourite Pizza and WKD as his family look on providing sympathy and support.

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Swilly Song

“Beans on toast – Swilly Roast´╗┐”

Here’s a news piece and song about North Prospect.

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Lord Janner

We even have a Lord Janner. He should come and live in Plymouth for a month. Then I think he wouldn’t be so keen to be called Lord Janner.

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The Janner Nuclear Family

“Come on Robert. He’s talking rubbish.”

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Plymouth Iceland

The reason why Janner mums go to Iceland is because they love nothing better than buying five bags of offal for a fiver. They make Kerry Katona look like a Swedish princess. Here we see a Janner mum about to enter and walk the aisles looking for meat.

plymouth iceland

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Plymouth Police Station

Plymouth Police Station. Effectively just a call centre for issuing crime reference numbers to Janners on the fiddle for insurance fraud.

plymouth police station

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Match.com for Janners

Janners are starting to use match.com to find love and sex partners.

match dot com plymouth

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The Janner’s Youth Club

Most young Janners learn what a sentence is here rather than in their English class at school. But then again most young Janners spend more time here than they actually do at school. Charges often include shoplifting from Wilko, dog fighting in the Iceland carpark, trying to drive a mid-nineties Vauxhall at 95mph around the Hoe, and sexual violations with relatives.

plymouth magistrates court

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The Half Price Jewellers

Forged in the eighties, and popular for 7 carat gold sovereign rings, the Half Price Jewellers has remained on Cornwall Street and renamed itself HPJ Jewellers. Which if you think about it is the Half Price Jewellers Jewellers. Still punting out the sort of tat you find in Christmas crackers, HPJ is the place to go for an engagement ring for that special girl who likes fighting.

half price jewellers plymouth

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