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Yo Sushi Hits Jannersville

Somewhere for Janners to feel even more posh and that, Yo Sushi has opened a restaurant in the bit of the new Janner Containment Unit (Drake’s Circus Shopping Centre) that is normally reserved for cheap calendars and middle aged women … Continue reading

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Janners On Ice

The ice rink is becoming a bit of a perennial favourite for Janners. Positioned suitably outside Sports Direct (the biggest travesty of a name when you look at both staff and customers alike), the acre of ice allows Janners to … Continue reading

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Plymouth Police Station

Plymouth Police Station. Effectively just a call centre for issuing crime reference numbers to Janners on the fiddle for insurance fraud.

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The Half Price Jewellers

Forged in the eighties, and popular for 7 carat gold sovereign rings, the Half Price Jewellers has remained on Cornwall Street and renamed itself HPJ Jewellers. Which if you think about it is the Half Price Jewellers Jewellers. Still punting … Continue reading

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Oggy Oggy Pasties

Oggy Oggy Pasties. The nutritional equivalent of a stool wrapped in toilet paper. Oggy Oggy shops are peppered around the city, and like rats, you are never more than six feet from an outlet. Or six inches if you happen … Continue reading

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Mayflower Street, Plymouth

Mayflower Street. Possibly one of the most depressing city streets in the UK.  It’s so bad, even charity shops refuse to locate here.

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More Than Mobility

Located at the scary end of Cornwall Street, this mobility shop provides the perfect accessory for those pasty-addicted bottom feeders whose largest single source of income is in the shape of government food vouchers.

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The Independent Quarter

More Frankfort Gate. The powers that be have renamed this end of Plymouth City Centre “The Independent Quarter”. Rightly so. Independent of shops you might actually want to go into and spend cash.

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Frankfort Gate refurbished

Another Frankfort Gate shot. The council spent a hundred and twenty pounds refurbishing this end of the city. Clearly it has worked.

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Frankfort Gateway To Hell

Frankfort Gate. Gateway to hell. Walk the wrong way down this concourse, and chances are you won’t be walking back up it. At the very least you’ll walk back up pregnant.

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