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The Best Thing To Come Out Of Plymouth?

Michael Collings could be the best thing to come out of Plymouth in over 400 years. Previous good things to come from Plymouth would be Dewdney pasties (Ron or Ivor?), overpriced gin and herpes. Geddonbey.

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Man urinated over chocolate in Plymouth supermarket

A WHITLEIGH man was ordered by Plymouth magistrates to pay more than £100 compensation for urinating over a pile of chocolate in a city supermarket. Gabriel Aspinall, of Hereford Road, yesterday pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage. The 24-year-old had … Continue reading

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Janner Rally

There’s a car rally that happens every year in a small northern Austrian town called Freistadt. It’s called the Janner Rally. “Janner Rally” in German translates as January Rally. If you watch really closely and squint a bit it’s almost … Continue reading

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Tommy From Whitleigh

Watch and marvel as Tommy from Whitleigh fills his bucket with Favourite Pizza and WKD as his family look on providing sympathy and support.

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Swilly Song

“Beans on toast – Swilly Roast” Here’s a news piece and song about North Prospect.

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Lord Janner

We even have a Lord Janner. He should come and live in Plymouth for a month. Then I think he wouldn’t be so keen to be called Lord Janner.

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The Janner Nuclear Family

“Come on Robert. He’s talking rubbish.”

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